CRPF Pay Slip | salary slip

How to Check CRPF Pay Slip online: pay slip

If any employee of CRPF want to download his payslip online then he could do it by going to following link and CRPF website will show Payslip to him. Remember that you will have to enter the user-id(Login as CRPFForce/IRLA No) and Password(your DOB) to get access to your Payslip.

Links to view CRPF Pay Slip Online :

Online link :

Click link given above and Click on login option by entering your Username and Password to see your CRPF Payslip.

CRPF Online portal link :

There is one more way to view your Pay slip using CRPF website. You have to visit the CRPF Online portal link given above after that you will see website. Now find View Pay(Login as CRPFForce/IRLA No) link on Right side bar of the CRPF website. Click on the View Pay(Login as CRPFForce/IRLA No) Link. Now Website will ask you to Enter Username and Password fill them on respective places and Click on OK. Now you can see your CRPF Payslip online in Pay section by clicking on Pay(GO) or Pay(NGO) link in left side sidebar on Website.

Important(CRPF password format): Use your date of birth as your password to view your salary slip but don’t use any dots or any symbol between that. Password format will be “DDmmYYYY” where DD=’day of month’, mm=’month’, and YYYY=’year’. For example if your date of birth is 31/04/1981 then your password will be 31041981. Please Follow this format strictly to view your CRPF Pay slip.


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